Where the Six-Figure Jobs Are

Think there’s no high-paying jobs out there? Think again. You just need to know where to look. Robert Turtledove, chief marketing officer at TheLadders.com, a jobs site catering to six-figure careers, says there are certain sectors of the economy full of companies looking to hire the next generation of leaders. According to Turtledove, those sectors are:

Health care: patient care, medical services and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Engineering: civil and structural engineers, project managers

Aerospace and defense: research scientists, structural and intelligence analysts, structural engineers

If you could see yourself in any of these industries, Turtledove has these tips:

1. Make sure your resume is pristine. This is your calling card and it needs to convey the right message. Most importantly, your accomplishments should be clear and concise.

2. Companies want to know how a prospective employee can help their top or bottom lines. Do you have experience bringing in sales and clients or trimming costs and strengthening balance sheets? If so, make sure to call it out.

3. Focus on jobs aligned with your expertise. Avoid sending a deluge of resumes to every position listed on a company’s website. This is not an odds game and some hiring managers will be turned off by seeing your resume turn up at every posted job.