Pros Say: Market Rally Could Last a Little Longer

Friday the 13th appeared lucky for global stocks as they traded in the green for a fourth consecutive day, boosted by reassuring news out of the financial sector that both Citigroup and Bank of America are well capitalized. Experts tell CNBC that the current rally may last a little longer.

Rebuilding a Base in Stocks

"There's a pretty good chance the S&P may be getting back into 750 to 900 trading range," Jim McCaughan from Principal Global Investors said. He sees the restructuring at Citigroup as the possible cause for this recovery.

US Market Rally Could Last a Couple of Months

The US market has been showing an upwards trend for the better part of this week. Bill McLaren, an independent trader, predicts that the rally could last anywhere from 7-12 days to a couple of months.

Stocks up
Stocks up

Pivotal Point in the Markets

We are at a pivotal point of recovery or absolute disaster in the markets, according to Clem Chambers, CEO of ADVFN. He tells CNBC the signs that will point to either scenarios.

Another False Dawn?

The stock markets are probably headed for some sharp reversals over the next few weeks, believes Jim Walker, founder & CEO of Asianomics.

Still Cautious On Stocks

Vasu Menon, VP of group wealth management at OCBC Bank is more cautious on stocks now than compared to a month ago. He explains his bearish view in today's installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Markets Rebound = Opportunity in Financials

Wall Street rallied Thursday on positive news from the banking sector. Tim Mulholland, managing director at China-America Capital Company, says financial stocks could potentially offer a meaningful trade.

Wary of Financials

Financials do not look attractive to Mark Konyn, CEO of RCM Asia Pacific as they going to be "nothing more than utility-type companies" over the longer term.

Bad Firms Should be Allowed to Fail

To get capacity back into the global economy to a sustainable level, bad companies should be allowed to fail, says Jim Walker, founder & CEO of Asianomics.

Asian Economies May Shrink Up to 10% in '09

Export-dependent Asian economies may see GDP fall 5-10% this year, says Jim Walker, founder & CEO of Asianomics. But the region's banking system and corporates will still hold up well.

Start by Boosting Demand

Nicholas Kwan, regional head of economic research for northeast Asia at Standard Chartered, explains why funding demand expansion and curbing protectionism will help Asia and the Middle East to stage an early economic recovery.

Japan Economy May Shrink Up to 6% in '09

The Japanese economy may shrink 5-6% in 2009, warns Martin Schulz, senior economist at Fujitsu Research Institute.

Expect More Gloomy Economic Data from China


Expect more gloomy economic data from China in the coming months, says Phillip Chan, director at Shenyin Wanguo Securities.

Australia Jobless Rate May Hit 7% in 2010

Australia's jobless rate may rise towards 7% by early 2010, predicts Scott Haslem, chief economist at UBS. He also assesses the health of the Australian economy.

Dollar to Weaken Further Against Yen?

There is some scope for the dollar to falter against the yen in the next couple of days, says Anthony Morriss, senior currency strategist at ANZ Investment Bank.

Chinese Yuan Unlikely to Appreciate This Year

Tim Mulholland, managing director at China-America Capital Company, says China has policies in place to move the country from an export-driven to a domestic-led economy.

Intervening in Currencies

The Bank of Japan should intervene if the yen goes below the 100 level, says Michael Woolfolk, senior currency strategist at The Bank of New York Mellon. He tells CNBC that central banks should intervene to weaken their currencies.