Pros Say: Taxpayer Money Going Down Bank Drain

Global stocks rose again Monday, for the fifth consecutive session, lifted by hopes that the U.S. economic downturn may be bottoming out and with investors seeking to take advantage of cheaper stocks. But experts tell CNBC they aren't too impressed with all the governments' methods of stabilizing their economies.

US is "Wasting Taxpayers' Money"

Troubled financial institutions need to be allowed to fail, or nationalized, says Kirby Daley, senior strategist at the Newedge Group. He tells CNBC that what the U.S. is doing right now is just wasting taxpayers' money.

G20's Plan Lacks Detail

The broad framework laid out by the G20 for solving the global crisis is repetitive and lacks details, says Kirby Daley, senior strategist at Newedge Group.

Dollar to Keep on Rising

The dollar is likely to remain relatively stable against the other major currencies this week, unless the Fed throw up some real surprises, says Richard Yetsenga, regional FX strategist at HSBC.

Is US Debt Still Desirable to China?

The U.S. is debasing the value of Treasurys by printing money, says Kirby Daley, senior strategist at the Newedge Group. He discusses how this will impact China's appetite for Treasurys.

Go Long German Bunds

Given the gloomy economic outlook, Par Magnusson, senior analyst at Danske Bank suggests that investors go long German Bunds.

The Bounce Won't Last

"The bounce isn't going to last," Alpesh Patel from Praefinium Group said Monday. He sees the Dow hitting 7,400, maybe even 8,000, then falling to 6,200, which Patel sees as the bottom for the index.

Economic Recovery 18 Months Away?

Bear Stearns failed one year ago, but it's still too early to say that the worst is over, Alpesh Patel from Praefinium Group told CNBC. "We've probably got another 18 months to go before the economy recovers," he added.

US Economy to Bounce Back by 2010

The US economy will be recovering by this time next year, Trevor Williams from Lloyds TSB Corporate Market told CNBC. Other economies may not be as fortunate, he added.

Caution after Stock Rally

There is optimism following the recent stock rally, but the market is still influenced by emotions so investors should be cautious, David Moraly from UBS Wealth Management told CNBC.

Hot Funds to Look At

A lot of the bad news have already been priced into the markets, believes Wong Sui Jau, GM of In light of this, CNBC asks him what kind of funds look attractive to him.

Which Automakers Will Ride Out this Crisis?

The Japanese automakers will survive the current shakeup in the industry much better than their U.S. peers, says Kirby Daley, senior strategist at the Newedge Group. He tells CNBC who are the winners and losers in this sector.