GM March Sales On Par With January, February

GM car sales for March are so far at the same pace as levels seen in January and February, Troy Clarke, president of GM North America tells CNBC.

General Motors Headquarters
General Motors Headquarters

"Customers returned last week to the sales rooms at about a normal rate in a market downturn," said Clarke. "We intend to do everything in the second quarter to increase sales."

GM has said it hopes to sell some 11 million cars this year. Clarke says that at that rate of sales, the money GM asked for from the government would be want the car maker needed.

But Clarke also said that if sales were closer to 9.5 million, GM would leave the "door open" for more government money.

Congress gave the "big three" automakers a loan totaling $25 billion last September.

Earlier this month, GM's CFO Ray Young said that it would not need the requested $2 billion in March noting that the cost-cutting measures are starting to take hold.