Auto Bailout Political Dance Starts

After almost a month of virtual silence by nearly everyone involved in the auto bailout talks, the primary players are starting to talk.

The head of President Obama's auto team, Steven Rattner has given his first interview since joining the task force. Tomorrow, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli will give his first interview since he met with the Task Force (Squawk Box Tuesday, March 17 at 7am/ET).

Why is everyone now getting chatty?

It's the beginning of the "political dance" that will ultimately play a huge role in deciding what the Federal government decides to do for GM, Chrysler, and the parts suppliers. This dance may seem unnecessary to the outside public, but when you bring Washington into deciding the fate of an industry critical to America's industrial base, politics play a big role.

The fact is, whatever the Obama Auto Team recommends to the Treasury Secretary and the President; it's a big question as to whether they actually follow through with that suggestion. For example, it may make sense on paper to let some suppliers reorganize in bankruptcy, but doing that while keeping others afloat is tough political call.

The bottom line: In the next two weeks look for all the key players to telegraph their views about what should happen with the auto industry.


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