Market Tips: Get Your Cash into This Rally

While Asian stocks jumped to a one-month high on Tuesday, European stocks snapped their 5-day winning streak on worries that the U.S. economy was deteriorating further. Experts tell CNBC where they see the investment opportunities.

Cash In on This "Playable" Rally

The Dow may get back to 9,000 over the next few weeks, leading Hans Goetti, CIO of LGT Bank in Liechtenstein, to call this a "playable" rally. He tells CNBC how investors can cash in on this.

Stocks...So Cheap They Look Like Options

Sharon Lorimer

Stocks are trading so cheap they look like options, says John Bollinger, founder of He reveals how he is investing in equities and commodities in today's installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Safe to Up Equity Exposure?

With stocks rallying in the last two sessions, Russel Pillemer, CEO of Pengana Capital and Hugh Giddy, portfolio manager at Cannae Capital discuss whether it's time to up your equity exposure, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Investing in Emerging Markets

The economic news flow in the emerging markets is going to get worse, warns Stefan Hofer, emerging markets strategist at Julius Baer.

India Valuations Are Low

India's Sensex is at a 6-year low, observes Ashok Jainani, VP of Research at Khandwala Securities.

Commodities Will Rise When Economy Recovers

When the global recovery begins, it will propel commodity prices sharply higher, believes Marc Faber, editor & publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report. He explains his bullish outlook on resources.

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Long on Natural Gas, Not Crude

Remain cautious on oil plays, says John Licata, chief investment strategist at Blue Phoenix. He tells CNBC that natural gas is a better long play than crude oil.

OPEC's Decision Will Bring Returns in the Long Run

OPEC's decision to leave output targets unchanged may give them more pricing power in the long run, according to Jonathan Kornafel, director of Asia at Hudson Capital Energy.

Commodity Risks

As commodity prices collapse, earnings of miners will decline by half, warns Sean Fenton, director at Tribeca Investment Partners.

Miners May Underperform

Expect some underperformance in the miners today, says Kevin Curran head of dealing at Foster Stockbroking.

Stick to Quality Stocks

Investors should stick to companies with the highest credit ratings as many companies are likely to fall down the ratings spectrum, Willem Sels from Dresdner Kleinwort told CNBC.

Asian Financials More Attractive

Asian financial stocks are more attractive than their global peers because they are less aggressively leveraged, Christian Gattiker from Julius Baer told CNBC.