Investment Chief: 'These Stocks Can Double'

Doug MacKay, president and chief investment officer of Broadleaf Partners, is big on early cycle and innovation plays. (See below for his stock recommendations.)

What's that again?

"Our game plan for this year is, we'll probably see a low on the S&P 500 of about 740, to maybe 1000 on the upside," he told CNBC. "I think we'll have a series of bear-market rallies throughout this year, and...I think you want to focus on...consumer discretionary and even financials that usually emerge out of (recession) earliest."

On the innovation front, he focuses on technology.

"It's also a cyclical-type industry, but it also has the advantage of being innovative, a little less susceptible to the economic cycle, and clearly huge export markets," he explained.


"I've followed Cisco Systems for 15 years," MacKay said. "We don't own it currently, but it's been a name I've been looking at; I'm really excited about this transition into servers; that one is really interesting, a keeper."

He's also strong on a couple of consumer-discretionary stocks.

"Names like Starwood Hotels (& Resorts Worldwide), and Harley-Davidson, name brands that, if the cycle does turn, the prices are just so cheap that you're going to see explosive rallies," he said. "These stocks can double."


Disclosure information for Doug MacKay was not immediately available.