How to Get Prescription Drugs for Less

Overpaying for our prescription drugs just feels like a headache no one needs right now, doesn’t it? Yet most of us have to deal with it on a consistent basis. A new Consumer Reports poll states that 66 percent of Americans don’t find out about the cost of their medications until they get to the checkout line of the pharmacy. And nearly one-third of people polled said they have taken potentially dangerous actions to save on prescription costs, such as skipping dosages and cutting pills without the approval of a doctor.

Santa also endorses a practice long supported by Carmen: comparison shopping. Prices on the same drugs can fluctuate a great deal between brick-and-mortar pharmacies, not to mention mail-order pharmacies. Check to compare prices and remember to always do your due diligence – it’s important to save money wherever you can these days, but your health still matters more than cutting a few corners. Consult with your doctor for the best ways to cut costs without putting yourself at risk.