AIG And Me


I feel like I'm invisible today.

As the CEO of AIG testifies on Capitol Hill I'm stationed outside one of the insurance giant's main offices in lower Manhattan.

I am politely, but swiftly approaching anyone and everyone coming in and out of the building for an interview, but this one's a tough sell.

I worked nearly 18 years in local TV news, so I've had to do my share of carnival barking for man-on-the-street interviews. I'm used to the rejection.

I've gone up to about four dozen folks so far by saying, "Pardon me, sir/maam, do you work for AIG? Can we talk to you for a minute?"

Most of them walk by as quickly as they can, some flat out ignore me as if I'm not even here and speaking to them, others wave me off and a few just say, "No comment."

I've seen a few tourists taking pictures in front of the building. One couple flew in from Michigan for the day on a $33 roundtrip fare on Spirit Air ($33 roundtrip from Detroit to New York!!!) and just happened to be walking by when they saw the AIG signage and stopped to snap a photo.

The woman took the picture of the man standing in front of the entrance. He raised his left hand, extended his middle finger and smiled.

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