Money-Saving iPhone Apps

The frenzy around Apple’s iPhone seems to continue unabated, with new features and announcements seemingly coming out of the company’s Cupertino, CA headquarters at a steady stream.

But perhaps the most notable feature of the 3G iPhone is the ability for anyone to program “apps” for the device that can everything from help you find a good restaurant to calculate the tip when you’re done. With over 28,000 apps available at Apple’s App Store – many of them free – iPhone owners have opportunities to save money now where others cannot. David Pogue, personal technology editor for the New York Times, revealed his favorite iPhone apps for saving money on Thursday’s On The Money. Check them out below:

Save Benjis
This free app takes comparison shopping to a new level. If you see something in a store, just type in its name and see how much the same item is being sold for in online stores, and where it’s being offered for the cheapest price.

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iFare Finder
For $3, iFare Finder lists flights by price and lets you order tickets right from the iPhone. It’s perfect for when you’re already at the airport and the airline tells you your flight has been cancelled or overbooked, Pogue says.

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Amazon Mobile
For no cost, Amazon lets iPhone users take a picture on their phone of any product and send it to them, where someone identifies the product and sends back information, ratings, user comments and where you can purchase the item for the best price.

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Free at one point, GasBuddy will now set you back $3 but it’s probably worth it for any regular drivers – especially when gas is all but sure to go up in price this summer. The app simply shows you the lowest gas prices in your vicinity using GPS and will even provide a map for you to get to the cheapest service station.

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Watch the Web Extra video below where Pogue reviews even more iPhone apps that can save you money, including an app that notifies you of other discounted apps!

And if you’re not an iPhone owner, don’t worry. BlackBerry maker Research In Motion, Google and Windows Mobile are all in the process of opening or expanding their own online app stores to compete with Apple.