Solid Firms, Solid Stocks, Solid Gains

David Sowerby is a firm believer in the power of "the micro-aspects of individual companies."

The chief market analyst of Loomis Sayles told CNBC that power will ultimately triumph over the lack of investor confidence and over mis-guided government policies.

"The simple belief that you can find solid franchises at valuations of five to six times cash flow, that will ultimately prove to be the defining element that will get stocks higher. Anecdotally, you are seeing better news out of companies in the last two to three weeks, and that's why stocks are up close to 20 percent."


Asked for specifics among large-cap companies, Sowerby pointed to Corning and Cisco Systems.

"On the smaller-company side, where I think you've got even better success, Middleby," he said. "They manufacture ovens for quick-service restaurants."

He also likes discount retailer Big Lots.

"The marginal news is not getting worse, and, in fact, the revenue numbers are starting to see signs of improvement," he said.


Disclosure information for David Sowerby was not immediately available.