Pinpointing Stocks On the Mend

The economy is on the mend, and stocks are healing right along with it, according to Bernie McGinn of McGinn, McKean, and O'Neill.

"We're a firm that believes that the economy is going to be significantly higher a year from now," he told CNBC. "The markets are starting to look past the current crisis to the recovery."

He's got some specifics to back up his claim.

"Interest rates are low, energy is low, all the fiscal policy and monetary policy will have an effect," he said.


Topping McGinn's list of recuperating stocks is FedEx.

"They came out with earnings that were a little bit worse than people thought, but I'm not really sure that people knew what to think," he said. "FedEx is a proxy for the economy; if the economy does well, FedEx is way leveraged to benefit from that."

He also likes Apple and Exxon Mobil.


Disclosure information for Bernie McGinn was not immediately available.