Everybody Tweets

Senators, celebrities, Starbucks , Microsoft —they all use Twitter as a tool to communicate. CNBC and now Power Lunch tweets — Michelle Caruso Cabrerajust posted a message from the set of the show.

And yes, now I Tweet as well.

You can sign up for my updates http://twitter.com/JBoorstin.

I'll share random media-related thoughts, tell you what movie I think will sweep the box office, I'll make predictions, link to articles, share , and ask questions. And yes, I'll send you back here to read this blog. If you haven't gotten on the Twitter bandwagon, take some time off from the down market to procrastinate and sign up. You can get my updates on your desktop, blackberry (my favorite Twitter tool) or phone.

I find Twitter incredibly useful, not to socialize, but to keep up on my news. I subscribe to headlines from my favorite newspapers and blogs so I don't have to clog my inbox with breaking news e-mails. It's my RSS feed or news wire tool du jour.Yes, Twitter gets overloaded and shuts down, and often (see my colleague Jim Goldman'srecent post). It's just that popular. And it's also free, and free of advertising.

So before you complain about the "fail whale" showing up to tell you the site is overloaded, remember the site does not make any money.

But not for long.

On Monday -- on air and on this blog -- I'll have a story on Twitter, including an interview with the company's CEO about its future business model.

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