My Tweets And Your Emails

My first week on Twitter has gone pretty well. Despite some Twitter trouble (or should that be twubble?) with website capacity, I've picked up more than 75 followers already. Not bad. I'm finding it a little addictive, but it's opened up a whole new way to communicate with peers, colleagues and potential new sources.

For example, the idea for today's earlier blogabout GlaxoSmithKline's Alli came from a "tweet." (For the uninitiated, that's a short communication sent out over Twitter.) You can follow me at mhuckman.

Stephanie Davis appreciated my entry this weekabout the sad spate of famous people being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. "Thank you for remembering pancreatic cancer!,"she wrote. "I've lost five family members to this deadly cancer and we're finally being heard. There will be more than 500 of us lobbying on Capitol Hill at the end of the month. We need more research dollars and we're going to let everyone know that."

Based on the same post, Jerry Smith emailed to call my attention to a company working on a pancreatic cancer drug that he's investing in. It's in phase three testing, which is typically the last stage before possibly seeking FDA approval, but it's a penny stock with a market value that's way too small to mention.

And my post about the future of heart drugsbrought out the grammar police. Cas Stark says, "I question the use of the expression 'gonna' in the fourth paragraph of the article entitled "NEJM Gets at Heart....". It detracts from an otherwise interesting story."

Dude, it's a blog. This ain't "The Wall Street Journal" or "The New York Times."

Have a good weekend. Go Trojans. Beat the Eagles.

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