MIT Dean: New Grads Must Create Value in Workplace

The current crop of business school students are facing a decidedly different job market than their predecessors, and David Schmittlein, dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management, says graduates now need to bring change that creates value in the workplace.

"You have to know what you’re good at, and you have to know what you can offer an organization,” Schmittlein told CNBC. “If you do that and you have good skills, there are really opportunities, but you need to work hard to find them, and in some cases you need to work to create them.”

Schmittlein says this time of year 60 percent of graduating MBA students at MIT typically have job offers, and he says 2009 is no different. However, he admits this year he’s more worried about the other 40 percent than he would typically be.

“I don’t think there’s panic. I do think there’s focus and more of an ability and a willingness to create Plan B,” he added.

New grads are looking more broadly for employment opportunities, according to Schmittlein. More students are looking for finance jobs outside of New York City, and other students are deciding to look for jobs outside of financial services altogether, says Schmittlein.

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