Stop Trading!: More Positives Than Just Geithner Plan

Sure, the market has reacted with excitement to Treasury Secretary Geithner’s solution for banks’ toxic assets, but Cramer sees more positives than just that, he said during Monday’s Stop Trading!.

The weak U.S. dollar is good for companies doing business over seas, a depression is not longer likely given that oil is over $50, and the tech sector is showing surprising signs of strength. Cramer pointed also to Wall Street’s willingness to forgive earnings slip-ups, now that estimates have been cut so low.

That’s what happened with Airgas . Just three weeks ago, Cramer said, the stock was down 15%. But after guiding lower on Monday, cutting both its fourth-quarter and full-year outlook, ARG shares are up. Cramer called the stock’s performance “very bullish.”

In tech, earnings beats from Oracle, Xilinx and Taiwan Semiconductorhave sparked a rally in the Nasdaq, apparently putting a floor in Microsoft and possibly indicating a move higher for

Cramer urged investors to watch T. Rowe Price, Franklin Resources and Janus Capital because they were bull market stocks, meaning they wouldn’t be up as big as they are if Wall Street wasn’t expecting money to soon flow back into the market.

Lastly, Cramer said oil’s strength means Exxon Mobil might soon catch up with its peers. Also, supply concerns, and he thinks supplies will be a concern, should boost stocks like Transocean and Schlumberger.

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