Lack Of Cinderellas Save Ticket Market

Thanks to the economy, ticket prices everywhere have been plummeting.

As of Friday, the average ticket on the secondary market at the NCAA men's regional sites cost $239 compared to $282 a year ago, according to StubHub. The average ticket to the Final Four games ($433 for the semis, $301 for the championship game) in Detroit? $426.

Doesn't seem like a bargain?

Consider the fact that that ticket sold for an average of $824 and since StubHub has been keeping track, the cheapest Final Four ticket came in Atlanta at $578.

And while there's a question as to whether or not the lack of a Cinderella could hurt the TV ratings, there's no question that not having a surprise team in the Dance is good for those cities hosting games and brokers who are trying to dump their tickets.

"Fans love to watch Cinderellas from home or the sports bars, but they're not necessarily plunking down a few hundred dollars to watch them live," said StubHub spokesman Sean Pate. "The schools with large traveling fan bases will drive the value of the Final Four."

Pate says the best case scenario for the highest value would likely be UConn, Michigan State, UNC and Duke.

Said Pate: "It would be interesting to see what a Memphis, Oklahoma, Xavier, Louisville Final Four would do for pricing."

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