Aggressive Advice: Time to Put Money to Work

Investors should be moving more aggressively right now to put money to work, said Andy Bischel of SKBA Capital Management.

Bischel said it is important for financial stocks to do well in order for the stock market to improve.

“We’re moving the portfolio progressively in a more pro-cyclical way and we think that financials are one of the sectors that will have to do well," Bischel told CNBC. "The economy and stock market cannot do well if the financials don’t go up.”

(Watch the video for the full interview and click here to read which stocks his fellow comentator Hugh Johnson dislikes.)

Bischel's Recommendations:

US Bancorp

Wells Fargo

Intercontinental Exchange

Chesapeake Energy


Disclosure information for Andy Bischel was not immediately available.