Minor League Concession Item Of The Year

For years, we've given the title of "Concession Item Of The Year" to the Gateway Grizzlies, whose executives seems to have a knack for coming up with the best idea year after year.

In 2006, it was a bacon cheeseburger with donuts as buns.

Then came the deep fried sliders.

Last year, it was the buffalo wing pretzel.

But the West Michigan Whitecaps have our eye this year with this — believed to be the single most caloric item ever offered at a ballpark.

Fifth Third Burger
Source: West Michigan Whitecaps
Fifth Third Burger

Here are the important details on this absolute gutbuster. It's called the Fifth Third Burger, named after the bank that sponsors the team's ballpark.

It's 5/3 lbs (1.66) of beef with lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos on an eight-inch sesame seed bun.

The team says it feeds one to four people and sells for $20, and if a person finishes the Fifth Third Burger in one sitting, the team will offer up a Fifth Third Burger T-shirt.

Mickey Graham, the team's director of marketing and media relations, told us that they came up with this burger because it's something fun that people can understand.

Graham added that he thinks it's possible that that the burger will be popular enough that people might show up to the ballpark, buy a ticket to get in, buy a burger and go home.

"We've had people come just for dinner," Graham said. "It actually happens pretty frequently. We take our food pretty seriously."

Fifth Third Burger Nutritional Value

Calorie 4889 244%
Total Fat 299g 460%
Sat. Fat 199g 597%
Cholesterol 744mg 248%
Sodium 10,887mg 454%
Total Carbs 354g 118%
Protein 198g 105%

For the less important details, here is the approximate "nutritional" information:

A shout out to Ben Hill'sgreat minor league business blog, who had this meaty story first.

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