Could The Tata Nano Be In States By 2012?

Amid all the hoopla about today's launch of the Tata Nanowas a question and answer about when the $2,500 micro car might be on sales in the U.S.

Tata CEO Ratan Tata said that it is conceivable his company could modify a European version of the Nano to meet U.S. safety standards within three years.

The biggest change would be making the micro-car meet rear-crash safety standards for the U.S.

Ever since Tata first announced plans to sell a $2,500 car for its home market of India, the rest of the world has been asking when it will get a version of the pint-size ride.

Europe should get the Nano by 2011. And while Mr. Tata envisions making the Nano meet U.S. standards in three years, it's very much in doubt as to whether his company will sell the car in the states and for what price.

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