Recession Special: Free Dry Cleaning for the Unemployed

Every restaurant, it seems, from hot-dog chains to fancy Manhattan eateries, is offering a “Recession Special” these days.


But what happens when you get a splotch of mustard on your suit and you need it for a job interview?

Carlos has your back.

(Or your lapel. You know, wherever the stain is.)

Carlos Vasquez, who owns First Professional Cleaners on E. 72nd Street in Manhattan, is offering free dry cleaning to the unemployedif they need an outfit clean for an interview, the New York Daily News reported.

Vasquez put a sign in the window a few months ago advertising the unconventional unemployment assistance after hearing that some of his customers had been laid off.

He just wanted to help out his customers who have fallen on hard times, and try to drum up some goodwill to get them coming back when things get better.

And, he told the Daily News, he thinks it’s a lucky charm.

Two of his customers took him up on his offer. When he handed them their clothes, he said, “Good luck. You’re gonna get a job.”

And they did.

But listen, don’t go bringing Carlos your resume and asking him to get the AIG stain off of it.

He’s a drycleaner, not a miracle worker.

Pony Treats

Now in Crazy Chicken Flavor. Speaking of timely promotions, El Pollo Loco came up with this :30 second spot, featuring its president, who vows to take the country in a “delicious and real flame-grilled direction” with his new party: “The Dinner Party.” No politics, no pork, he says. Just deals. Now that’s loco we can believe in. (Watch the video.)

Celebrity Chew Toys. While some of us have to take a handout from the local drycleaner, celebrities are doing their part to show they feel the recession pain: They’re bringing ripped jeans back from the 80s. Pfff. Right! Those aren’t real rips. Those are man-made. Well, except for you, Mickey Rourke—I believe you got those rips from that time you were living in your car and got attacked by a pack of wild dogs. (Check out this celebrity slideshow from the Daily News.)

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