Cramer Reports, You Survive

After 26 years on Wall Street, Cramer knows a lot of people. That reach across all levels of business has translated into vital information when viewers needed it most. The credit crisis, the bank failures, the market’s collapse – Homegamers saw them all coming because Cramer put his sources to work.

Of course, Cramer gets no credit for being ahead of the curve on what have easily been the biggest market events since the Great Depression. No, he’s pilloried from the sidelines with out-of-context video clips.

So to set the record straight, Mad Money dug up some of his most prescient calls in the past 18 months. Just a quick look back – at statements about Citigroup , Bank of America , Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac , Lehman Brothers , Ben Bernanke and more – showed how right on Cramer was, and how important his sources turned out to be.

Take a look. So the next time Cramer screams, “They know nothing!” you’ll know he’s telling the truth.

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