Some Fresh Paint and Fixes on the Home Page

Regular readers of our Web site may have noticed a few changes lately.

We've brushed up our home page. No, it's not a full blown redesign -- which some sites seem to do with too much abandon. I know I'm a creature of habit and I suspect most other folks are too. I get upset if the Cheeze Whiz in my kitchen cabinet gets moved, much less Web site links.

No. We just spaced things out a little bit, making things a little more airy and readable. We added some slots for features and editor's picks as well. And, probably the most notable, we've pumped up the volume on the lower part of the page to give more visibility to some of our blogs and additional back page features.

Why these changes? Well, we were cramming a lot of headlines up top and getting kind of a "wall of text" feeling up high.

Also, we've been pumping out so much good stuff that some of it rolled off the page too quickly. And even though this material hangs longer and is featured in our back pages, the sad truth is ... and this is a problem for the Internet news industry in general ... people don't regularly surf into sections. Typically they drill down into individual stories off the home page. So many items ... things we think readers will really like ... got pushed off in the rush of news and fresh features.

So here's our stab at fixing that. It's probably not perfect, but it certainly must be better. As always, you can drop me a note about what you think. I may not answer all of them, but believe me, I do read them.

Hope you like it.