Our Home Page Tweaks ... Your Comments

Well, we asked for input on our home page tweaksand boy did we get it. The good news is a lot of you like the home page ...

I view your webpage many (too many) times per day and love the new look. My complaint has always been that I can't find the blogs I'm looking for and now they're way more accessable. Vicki

The colors are much easier on my eyes. — Steven

I think you made intelligent choices. I'm glad somebody decided that willy-nilly changes in website appearances are disconcerting. — Roy

Much better spacing on the new page. — Mark

As a unemployed person, I spend a lot of time on your website to keep up with things. I like the new site. It does look cleaner! — Wallace

The new look is great and I am very appreciative that you did not do a complete redo. Many sites end up looking like a face lift gone bad. — Sharon

Your Page design change is so subtle, it took me 3 visits last night to put it together...it's great. Hate it when a site design comes with a weeks worth of learning curve. — Tariq

But, of course, some folks don't like change ... even slight ones. And I have to say I am a bit sympathetic to that view.

I like the old version MUCH better. It was a lot easier finding economic data, company data and important data using the old version. I am talking about the lower portion of the page. Please put it back!!! — Ray

Change it back... It sucks... — Barry

There seem to be two main criticisms. First, our gainers and losers page ...

Where are the top percentage gainers and losers at the current time. Where did you put those? — Sam

I'm not good with your site. Can you tell me how I can pull up the winners and losers of the different market You had on your home page on the left hand side?? — Bob

I miss the page showing gainers and losers in the three exchanges. — Butch

They are still on the site, folks. In our market section and on their dedicated page.

People are also a little miffed at our home page treatment of real estate (which our real estate blogger Diana Olick will no doubt be glad to hear).

What happened to the real estate housing section. These articles seem to be spread out all over the place. Housing is one of the biggest problems in this country, I would like to see that section of your web page come back — David

I don't like the new home page. I liked selecting the different categories like real estate at the bottom of the old page. — Nick

Overall I like the changes. One thing I can't find is the Real Estate section. — Mitch

OK, readers, we hear you on the real estate and gainers/losers issues. We'll look at some possible adjustments down the road. The nice thing about the Internet ... you can change things.

Some odds and ends.

Where on the website can I find exchange volumes throughout the day--I like to know if market moves have conviction. — Harold

Those are available on the individual index pages, Harold, for the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P.

I would like to see a section devoted to energy, ie: inventory reports and storys covering subjects pertaining to such. I would also like to see a permenant link to a glossery of terms somewhere on the top of the page. I'm not a business major so there are a lot of terms used that i don't understand — Bobby

We have those, Bobby! Here is the Energy Page and here is the glossary. But I guess the fact you couldn't find them shows we still need to work on our navigation.

Oh, well. We'll keep trying.