Fifth Third Burger Has Arrived!

Since first writing about the tremendous 5,000-calorie Fifth Third Burger on Monday, the story has been blasted all over the country, writes blogger Ben Hill.

Since many news organizations have conveniently deleted our names from the story reporting, we here at CNBC are seeking to grab back the attention today when I become the first reporter to actually try the gastronomic catastrophe that will be served by the West Michigan Whitecaps this season.

Fifth Third Burger
Source: West Michigan Whitecaps
Fifth Third Burger

The Whitecaps have sent us the burger in dry ice and given us instructions on how to assemble it.

Watch me on"Street Signs"(2-3 p.m. ET) on CNBC today as I eat my only meal of the day.

The Fifth Third Burger assembly and video of me taking at least a couple bites will be on shortly after the broadcast.

Update: I've been informed that I will not only be the first journalist to eat the Fifth Third burger, I will be the first person period.

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