Stock Picks: The 'Final Four' for the Next Quarter

The NCAA doesn't have a monopoly on the Final Four. Lazard Capital Markets has issued its list of the four top "buy-rated" stocks at the start of the second quarter.

Lazard's director of research, Paul Noglows, revealed each of the four to CNBC and explained how they made the cut.


Topping the list is Energy Solutions, described as "one of the few vertically-integrated pure-play providers of nuclear-waste disposal."

"It's a megatrend," Noglows explained. "You've got over 104 nuclear sites in the U.S. that need to be cleaned up, so even if the Obama administration isn't big on nuclear power going forward, you have so much that needs to be done, both in the U.S. and globally."

He said there's also a retailer on the Lazard list: "It's Limited (Brands), which is better known for its Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Work brands," he said. "We believe that this company is incredibly well positioned if there's any type of rebound in the foreseeable future."

Another pick is medical-device maker Masimo.

"Their product is a non-invasive blood monitor," Noglows said. "What it does is, it lowers hospital costs, at the same time providing better care for critically-ill patients."

Rounding out the Lazard "Final Four" is computer security firm McAfee.

"The Conficker virus is still out there," he said. "McAfee makes antivirus software; they have over 125 million users of their product worldwide, and we think it's a megatrend in terms of Internet viruses; there's going to be more, not less."


Disclosure information for Paul Noglows was not immediately available.