Pros Say: Prepare for China to Hurt, Not Help

As the economic downturn continues to smother the prospects of a recovery in the West, many investors are still hoping that Chinese growth will provide a much needed global kick start.

But the once-booming dragon economy may see its growth more than half as a result of the credit crisis, which could dash expectations for a widespread recovery, experts told CNBC.

China’s Growth May Fall to 5%

“The bears see that China’s exports are falling apart and also the investment confidence at this moment is very low,” Dong Tao, chief regional economist at Credit Suisse, told CNBC.

“This is why the Chinese economy, in my opinion, the growth is coming down from 12 percent toward perhaps 5 percent,” Tao said.

Fitch Sees Higher Refinancing Risk in Asia

Companies in China, South Korea and Japan are most likely to run into problems refinancing their short-term debt, according to Tony Stringer, MD & head of corporates group, Asia at Fitch Ratings.

Hot Sector Picks in China's A-Share Market

Karma Wilson, head of Asian equities at AMP Capital Investors sees opportunities in China's A-Share market. She reveals which sectors she favors and why to CNBC.

Bullish on Chinese Banks

Cyrus Daruwala, MD for Asia Pacific at Financial Insights tells CNBC why he is bullish on Chinese lenders.

China's Need for Commodities

As China grows wealthier, it needs to consume more commodities, says Dong Tao, chief regional economist at Credit Suisse, speaking to CNBC's Karen Tso.

US Economy Getting Worse, Slower

Michael Yoshikami, founder, president, and chief investment strategist at YCMNET Advisors, suggests caution despite the recent run-up in stocks as the US economy is still hurting. He advises investors to take profit in rallies.