Genentech, Dendreon & Your Emails

I'm on the road on assignment, but used a little downtime to go through the "Pharma's Market" mailbox.

Regarding my farewell to Genentech post yesterday a couple of folks emailed to point out that GENE was Genentech's ticker symbol when it was traded on the Nasdaq back in the day. Then it was GNE on the NYSE before going to the much better DNA.

In addition to setting the record straight, longtime Genentech employee Tom Ross wrote,"Thanks for the kind words about Genentech. It will certainly be missed. One chapter ends and another begins!"

And, as is always the case with any blog about Dendreon, I received several emails from Dendreonians in response to the post I wrote about a Forbes article questioning the crucial Provenge study. Some guy named Nick wrote, "A salute to Mike for keeping the Dendreon story balanced."

Genentech, now Roche for investors, and Dendreon will be big newsmakers in April.

Both are expected to unveil results from key clinical trials sometime next month. For Genentech, it's the test of Avastin on early stage colon cancer. And for DNDN, it's the long-awaited and debated data on its controversial prostate cancer treatment.

Can't wait.

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