Microsoft Vs Apple - Your Comments

Sheesh, suggest for a moment that Microsoft might have a winning message to deliver and wow does that burn you guys up!

In an earlier post,I suggested that Microsoft's new ad campaign pushing price, instead of what Windows-based machines can really do against the Mac, might actually be effective in economic times like these.

That, as you might imagine, brought a flood of responses:

"Mike" writes in:"While your article and the Microsoft ad campaign will focus on the 'Apple Tax,' many of us look at it another way…I did not have to purchase anti-virus, registry editors, defrag and other maintenance utilities, disk editing, video or any other multimedia software. I just turned it on and began using it…You get what you pay for. People may think I paid a premium for my Mac. I can't understand how anyone could believe they are saving money, time, or maintaining their personal security using Windows."

From "Andrew:" "I know you must be getting some response back since it is a call from the Apple army, so I will try to be brief. The device, yes. The software, just works. The experience, creative. Would I pay for this above the PC problems and hassle? Maybe. Jobs though has said that people making large purchases tend to defer rather than trade down. Lauren will enjoy her computer, and my hope is that she can find the 3rd party software and networking to allow her the same experience and fluidity as Apple. Can she?"

Mick, an IT manager tells me:"I’m a PC. I’m an iPhone user. I’m a value consumer ... Ultimately, the old adage of “Macs just run better” is not only misunderstood and flat out incorrect. It’s surrounded with a cult like following without much of a basis of comparison and too much of a “fan-like” following that lends itself to common misconceptions and not much statistical proof...My point in all of this is not to defend Microsoft over Apple, but to draw people’s attention to the reality that ultimately as consumers, we SHOULD be asking ourselves about the question of value, or costs vs. benefits. If one is properly trained, and utilizes each of these tools appropriately, no matter what, in terms of overall value, Microsoft offers more bang for the buck.

From "Andy:" "I think their biggest problem is the tactics they used in the past to crush other companies just doesn't work as well. Giving the browser away for free for example-a company like Google's whole business model is built around giving away products for free. They may have used such tactics as a means to stomping out competition, but their sole goal in the end I believe was to kill companies now and then make the consumer pay later. This strategy will not work for them any longer and it's sad to see they are using aggressive marketing tactics as their means to sales. Innovation and creativity I believe will win out in the end."

"Javier" offers: "PC buyers don't value their time."

From "Kumar: "Apple can easily counter the proposition of Windows being more economical. While on a Windows machine you pay of each of the applications that one uses for a normal day to day usage, and pays heavily at that, Apple comes with most of the regularly used software bundled with the system. What's more, none of the Mac applications are as expensive as that of the Pc's for a typical user. Lets leave the geeks alone."

Joe says,"I use to think that Apple computers were way overpriced. So, for years I put up with Blue Screens of Death, computer lock-ups, and loss of valuable data just to save a few bucks. After all three of my Windows-based PCs locked up to the point of having to reload Windows for the umtinth time, I finally saw the light. I discarded my PCs and purchased a new iMac. I've never, ever had any computer problems since. I can't believe I was so stupid putting up with the defects of Microsoft Windows."

Says Hazel:"My PowerBooks never fails; my windows OS freezes during applications at least twice a day. Even if Apple didn't offer superior ergonomics, design, functionality, it would be a no brainer. Costs associated with lost productivity (Windows OS freezes resulting in lost work content) FAR exceed the price differential. Apple is the only rational choice, even despite the more limited software offerings."

Ethan offers:"Microsoft is like a horse built by committee- a camel."

From Tom: "Penny-wise and pound foolish. Apple should take the Ad to the next step to illustrate the set-up and operation difficulties. The money saved will seem insignificant."

G.Duncan says, "What really has to gall Microsoft is this: Mac customers find that the improved experience is worth the extra money!"

And finally from Jonathan:"The girl bought a garbage computer with an appalling, low resolution screen, that will cost her dearly in terms of time, cost to repair and ultimately have zero resale value, probably within 12 months...Bring people up in the world, make them aspire to better. Don't let's sink into a dreadful cesspit of mediocrity."

Just a sample everyone.

Let's see what Microsoft, and Apple , do next!

Have a terrific weekend!

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