Pros Say: ECB May Announce Bonds Purchases Thursday

Global stocks were down ahead of a big week, which includes the G20 summit in London, the European Central Bank policy meeting and monthly employment data out of the U.S. Experts tell CNBC what they expect from the week ahead.

ECB Likely to Cut Rates, Buy Securities

Richard Grace, chief currency strategist at Commonwealth Bank of Australia expects the ECB to follow the Fed's move and announce the purchase of government securities on Thursday as well as cut rates.

Reserve Currency, Any Alternative?

Countries like China and Russia are going to find ways to gradually move away from the dollar as a reserve currency, says Stephen Green, senior economist at Standard Chartered Bank. He also tells CNBC there isn't an alternative that can replace the USD right now.

Talking Shop?

Pär Magnusson, senior analyst at Danske Bank explains why he believes G20 leaders will merely be "talking shop" at the summit this week.

G20 Commitments

Tightening up of tax havens and a commitment to greater global co-ordination will likely come out of the G20 meeting, says Richard Iley, economist at BNP Paribas.

Planning for the Worst

Unemployment should peak to around 7%-8%, says Ralph Norris, CEO of the Commonwealth Bank. But he tells CNBC that CBA is planning for the worst case scenario that it should peak to 10%.

Bearish on Japan

Japan's economy is expected to contract 6.8% this year, says Richard Iley, economist at BNP Paribas. He speaks to CNBC about his bearish view on Japan.

G20 Will Lack 'Big Bang'

"In the short run, it seems very unlikely that this week's meeting is going to deliver the big bang that the UK Prime Minister was hoping for," Ken Wattret from BNP Paribas told CNBC ahead of the G20 summit in London.

G20 to Help or Hurt Stocks?

As investors look to this week's G20 summit in London for firm action on the slumping global economy, Song Seng Wun from CIMB-GK Research considers the likely impact of the meeting on the stock market.