Market Cap Rankings Shift Again

At the start of the month, General Electric was falling fast and the company that once boasted a half trillion dollar market cap, was at risk of falling out of the Top 20 biggest companies in the S&P 500. In less than a month, that has changed significantly.

As of Friday's close, GE had a market cap of nearly $114 billion and was back in a top 10 position, ranking ninth on the S&P 500. Like GE, JP Morgan Chase also had a big move back up the list, now ranking 11th.

Exxon Mobil , Wal-Mart , and Microsoft continue to hold the top three slots. Overall, the names in the Top 20 remained the same with one exception. Hewlett Packard moved up into the top twenty, while Abbot Labs moved down to the 22nd slot. Here are the Top 20 biggest companies in the S&P as of Friday's close, according to data from Thomson Reuters: