Making Sure Your Tweets are True

I want to warn readers ... beware Tweets that claim to represent CNBC.

There's been plenty as gets more and more popular. The latest came over the weekend with all the hubbub surrounding a certain anchor around here. A Tweet from said anchor turned out not to be a Tweet from said anchor, as TVNewser (the blog all TV news types follow) found out.

Now we do have some actual Twitter things going on. A few of our shows and bloggers have some going. And we have a breaking news Twitter circuit. Here's a list ...

I'll have to admit, I'm not a big Twitter person. I find IMs, email and Blackberries annoying and distracting enough. Why would I want to add another layer? And while I can see some advantages to the service (spreading traffic alerts, for example, or quick business bulletins ... hey, that's us!), the majority of the material I've seen is pretty self-indulgent.

In a year I think will be finding a lot of dead Twitter pages as the novelty wears off. In the meantime, though, accept no substitutes for CNBC Tweets.

Update: Our Asia folks wanted me to add their Twitter page, which I didn't even know about ...