Disney and YouTube Team Up

The Mouse House is bringing its short form content to the most popular video site on the web: YouTube. Disney/ABC Television Group and ESPN reached an agreementlate today to release short-form content on Google's YouTube. Together they're launching ad-supported channels for ESPN, which will launch mid-April and for ABC, ABC Family, and ABC News, which will launch in early May.

A key part of this deal: ABC and ESPN will control the ad sales, while they split the revenue with Google . This will allow the networks to sell ad packages across all platforms, TV commercials and websites. And since the content that will be distributed on YouTube is all short form, the sites will be designed to drive viewers interested in the full-length shows back to ABC and ESPN.

And soon, you may be able to find Disney's long form content on Hulu. Currently, the only places Disney posts its long form content online are its own sites and iTunes. But now Hulu and Disney are in serious talks about a content partnership. While Hulu has been talking to Disney since the site launched, conversations are "active," according to a source close to the deal, and an announcement is expected within weeks. Sources tell me Disney is expected to take an equity partnership in Hulu, just like NBC Universal and News Corp, which now co-own the site.

More on Hulu's deal as it evolves.

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