How Can Teams Treat Sponsors Better?

What do we have to do?

That's what many team officials have undoubtedly asked themselves over the past couple months when considering how to keep sponsorship alive in this tough environment.

The answer might be to do what they've been doing with fans these days -- just offer more.

For that we turn to the New Jersey Nets, a team that could have more sponsorships than any other professional sports team. We're told that official deals are up to 120.

So what are the Nets up to?

Well, they're dedicating the month of April to their corporate sponsors (Sponsor Appreciation Month) by trying to over deliver.

As part of the sponsorship of the team, the Nets are giving top sponsor decision-makers the opportunity to take part in unique experiences ranging from having lunch with Nets president Rod Thorn and general manager Kiki Vandeweghe to sitting in the radio booth during a home game with Nets broadcasters Chris Carrino and Tim Capstraw.

For those who want to do something far more active, the Nets are also offering a "Train With A Pro" experience, in which an executive can work out with the team's strength and conditioning staff.

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