Stock Strategist: Techs are Rich, 'Very Resilient'

Alan Gayle plans to ride the technology bandwagon back to prosperity.

"I know tech has a reputation for being a highly-volatile sector, and very speculative, but they have the strong balance sheets, they have the good cash flow, they have a very resilient business model," RidgeWorth Capital Management's senior investment strategist told CNBC.


"Whether you decide to play it on the more defensive side, like Accenture, or you decide to play it on the more aggressive side, say, a Google or an Apple, like we have, either way, we think the technology sector still has a ways to go," he said.

Accenture? Defensive?

"They did get dinged last quarter, and so there's a little bit of tarnish on the name, but what we like about them is some very steady revenues, they have some contracts and services that are going to roll, and so we think that it's a good value play," he explained.


Disclosure information for Alan Gayle was not immediately available.