Michigan State Story Not What It Seems?

It's the hottest, feel good story of the Final Four -- Michigan State playing for the championship in economically challenged Detroit.

Ticket prices have responded as was predicted on this blog on Sunday night and the buzz is high.

But some aren't buying that the Spartans close proximity to the Final Four destination is actually good for the city.

One of those people is a frequent tipster to this blog who goes by the stage name of "Jon Apple."

We got a note from him yesterday:

"If MSU did not make it, Louisville would have," he writes.

"Louisville fans would have had to stay in hotels, rent cars, eat at restaurants and fly there on planes unless they chose to drive (it is about 360 miles from the louisville campus to ford field)."

"We know many will fly and those that don't rent cars will need taxis -- and now taxi service is affected because State fans will be driving in and not needing taxis."

"Does the increase of tickets sold offset lost revenue from hotels, food, taxis and other sites in the area that will lose all that?"

So we'll take this to a vote to find out what you think the case may be.

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