Unemployment Hits 8.5%, OTM Tells You Where The Jobs Are

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the national unemployment rate hit 8.5% in March, up from 8.1% in February, a 0.4% increase that was in line with expectations. The US lost 663,000 jobs in March alone, bringing total job loss to 5.1 million since the recession began.

Economists are predicting that job losses will continue at rapid rates throughout the rest of the year and into 2010 and project unemployment could rise as high as 10% before any signs of a turnaround manifest. Still some are hopeful that the $787 billion stimulus package will begin to help, as tax benefits are beginning to show up in workers' paychecks.

Despite the rise in the unemployment rate, there is a glimmer of hope…there are jobs out there, you just need to know where to look and how to increase your chances of landing one in this super competitive environment.

If you are one of the millions who is unemployed, watch "On The Money" tonight at 10 p.m. for a special hour that will literally tell you who's hiring right now, how to find these job opportunities and how to land the job you want. OTM is connecting job seekers with companies that are hiring, telling viewers where there are still six figure jobs to be had, and teaching you how to get back in the game!