Pinpointing Bargains In a Choppy Stock Market

Fifth Third Asset Management's Mary Jane Matts looks back on a dramatic week for stocks, and still finds some bargains for investors.

"When you consider that the S&P is trading about eleven times normalized earnings, the stock market is attractive here," she told CNBC. "I don't think you have to over-think it."

How does she go about finding good stocks in a choppy market?

"The answer to the question lies in which stocks are cheapest, which sectors are most undervalued, and you typically find the catalyst in the form of company-specific developments," she said.


Matts likes UnitedHealth Group, bargain-priced because of a market over-reaction to the Obama administration's health-care reform initiatives; Caterpillar ("a long-term play on the global infrastructure boom"), and Hewlett Packard, enjoying a surge on the heels of strong earnings news from Research In Motion.


Disclosure information for Mary Jane Matts was not immediately available.