Cramer: Rally Latecomers Should Sit Tight

With the Dow at 8,000, investors have already missed the first part of the market’s rebound rally, Cramer said during Friday’s Stop Trading!. So they need the discipline to wait for part two to begin.

He pointed to PPG Industries , which at one point offered a 5.75% dividend yield. Now that the stock is “roaring,” the yield has dropped to 4.75%. Given that change, Cramer had to admit that the PPG trade had passed for now.

“I think you have to be willing to say, ‘I missed it,’” he said.

In tech, investors’ confidence in companies seems to exist irrespective of their actual knowledge of how well these firms are doing. Research in Motion did beat the earnings estimates it had lowered before its quarterly report, but the only positive news at Yahoo! is new management and Steve Jobs’ sick leave definitely hasn’t hurt Apple .

“We don’t know how these companies are doing,” Cramer said, “but we’re buying first and we’re now asking questions later.”

“It’s big,” he said.

“No one’s doing better,” Cramer said, “but the stocks are saying that they will. And it’s very confusing to people.”

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