Web Extra: OTM Job Center - Make Your Online Resume Stand Out

Most people don't realize that the simplest measures can make a huge difference while job hunting. For instance, taking just a few minutes to spruce up your online resumes on the various job sites can make a big difference in getting you noticed by corporate recruiters and staffing specialists.

For this special OTM Job Center edition of the Web Extra, Jason Ferrara of Careerbuilder.com shares a few tips with Carmen on getting your resume noticed over the thousands other on a site. He says it's one of the most important things is to customize your job for certain jobs that you're seeking. Employers can spot boilerplate, generic resumes a mile away.

Part of this, Jason adds, is peppering your resume with keywords that are important to your particular industry. For tech jobs, you should list all the programming languages and other technical skills you have. For management jobs, you could stress your leadership and project management skills by mentioning achievements and awards you've received.

Finally, you should keep in mind there's an army of people out there looking for work like you. It's easy for your online resume to become "stale" and get lost in the pile. Resumes that are refreshed often are the ones that usually show up first when employers do searches on the job sites. Keep that in mind and update your resume often. You can put down your newest projects and achievements or anything else that will keep your resume fresh -- even rewriting your goals and objectives occasionally.