OTM Job Center - Recruiting the Recruiters

For the OTM Job Center special, Jeff Taylor and Carmen are joined by Stacy Musi, Managing Director of Chadick Ellig, a reputable staffing firm that BusinessWeek calls the "World's Most Influential Headhunters," to discuss the role of recruiters.

What are recruiters? Usually they're staffing specialists that work at agencies whose clients range from small businesses to large corporations. These client businesses rely on the services of staffing agencies to do all the footwork of finding the right recruits to fill positions they have open.

"Headhunter" is a slang term for recruiters you've likely heard before -- a term, Carmen notes, that recruiters themselves don't find particularly flattering. Stacy adds that even "recruiter" can be a vague and misleading word, as there are different types of recruiters:

  • Executive: These recruiters are paid by companies to find workers. They typically find work in the six-figures range (and, yes, those six-figure jobs are still out there).
  • Contingency: These recruiters are only paid by their client companies if they place a successful candidate.
  • Contract: Companies hire them to come in but they are only at the company part-time, so they may not get a good feel for the environment.
  • HR: And, of course, companies often still use their own internal human resource department to recruit.

Do you need a recruiter? For certain professions, such as executives and IT (and certainly not limited to those), recruiters are often a valuable resource in helping locate job openings -- some that aren't even listed in the normal job sites. Recruiters can also help in negotiations with the hiring companies so you can get the best possible compensation package if hired.

How do you find a recruiter? Referrals through your professional network are a good way to meet recruiters. But usually, if you put yourself out there by publishing your resume on prominent job sites, attending or speaking at industry functions and perform other activities to raise your visibility in your chosen industry, you won't need to find recruiters; they'll find you, and you'll start receiving introductory phone calls, emails or outright job leads.