OTM Job Center - Success Story

On a happy note, Carmen is pleased to share the story of Alec Satin of New York, an IT professional who lost his job in December. While at a local job fair, he encountered OTM and soon after, made an appearance on the show seeking advice in his job hunt.

At the time, he asked Carmen and Jeff Taylor if putting his resume on job sites would "cheapen" his value in the eyes of employers and recruiters, but Jeff Taylor told him that using social networks not just for fun, but to network professionally is plain good advice.

Well, luck has changed for Alec in the short time since his first encounter with OTM. After heeding Jeff's advice, networking with his peers and getting his name out there by writing a couple of industry articles, Alec is now currently within an arm's reach of landing his "dream job" and is closing in on the deal quickly.

as he progresses along in his job hunt -- which hopefully is coming to a fruitful ending soon. We'll be keeping an eye on him!

If you, like Alec, have a question for Carmen and the OTM job specialists on strategies for finding a job during these tough times, get in touch now!