Market Tips: Buy on the Dips

Global stocks started the week in positive territory Monday, with banks and oils leading the gain, as investors became more reassured that the global economic slowdown has bottomed. Experts tell CNBC how to make money at this time.

Buy on Dips

Further market dips are good buying opportunities, says Wong Sui Jau, GM of He reveals which sectors look attractive to him.

Big Banks Benefit

The big banks are benefiting from the credit crunch more than the smaller ones, says Peter Morgan, private client advisor at Patersons Securities.

Upbeat on Aussie Banks

Australian-focused banks will be much better positioned in the median term, says George Gabriel, analyst at BBY. He tells CNBC this is because he is more bullish on the outlook for the Australian banking sector.

HSBC May Come Under More Pressure

The overhang on HSBC is not over, as Peter Lai, director at DBS Vickers Securities expects the stock to retest HK$45 or below.

Buoyant Japanese Market

The Japanese market is like a beach ball that has been held under water for a long time, says John Alkire, CIO & portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley Investment Management.

Short-Term Bottom Seen for Taiwan's Tech Sector

Seow Hock Hin, senior VP of institutional sales at MF Global sees signs of a short-term bottom in Taiwan's technology sector.

Go Defensive with Seoul Stocks

Shaun Cochran, head of research at CLSA Korea, expects North Korea's rocket launch to have a muted impact on South Korean equities, but stocks are likely to pull back as the first-quarter earnings season kicks in.

Remain Wary of Stock Rally

Stocks have probably formed a base, but investors should remain cautious as further gains could be some time off, Vince Farrell, CIO of Soleil Securities Group, told CNBC.

Alcoa Stock Rally is Over

Investors looking to buy into Alcoa should wait as they have probably already missed the best of the stock's rally, Farrell also told CNBC.