Pros Say: Prepare for Disappointing Earnings Season

Global stocks eked out small gains Tuesday ahead of the start of the U.S. corporate earnings season, which aluminum producer Alcoa kicks off later. Experts expects the first-quarter earnings to be a doozy for most American companies.

Weak US Earnings Expected

The markets will pull back on weak U.S. earnings, predicts Kevin Curran, head of dealing at Foster Stockbroking.

US Earnings Season Likely to Disappoint

The upcoming U.S. earnings season may disappoint investors, believes Andrew Sullivan, sales trader at MainFirst Securities. He tells CNBC how this will affect central banks' decisions when they meet this week.

Watching US Earnings Season

Roger Nightingale, strategist at Pointon York expects to see some favorable margin numbers from the upcoming U.S. earnings season. He tells CNBC that if that is true, then this market rally has legs.

Does This Rally Have Legs?

Glenn Rosewall, CEO of BBY believes the current market rally has legs but Alan Sheen, MD & portfolio manager at Austock Asset Management disagrees. They make their case, and reveal their investment strategies, in this installment of "Protect Your Wealth".

Funding Issues

The issue of funding is one of the risks imposed by the global crisis, says Rob Hunt, the Managing Director of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

"Chimerica" to Lead 2010 Recovery

Stephen Wood, senior portfolio strategist at Russell Investment, talks to CNBC about a prospective 2010 recovery led by "Chimerica", as well as what investors can expect of the market for the next few quarters of 2009.

Are We Headed for Deflation or Inflation?

Andrew Freris, senior investment strategist, Asia at BNP Paribas Wealth Management does not think that we are going to stay through a period of sustained headline negative inflation.

Singapore Likely to Contract the Most

Singapore is likely to be the worst hit, in terms of negative GDP growth, in the region, foresees Andrew Freris, senior investment strategist, Asia at BNP Paribas Wealth Management.

Financial Outlook Divides Opinions

Financial stocks were sharply in focus as investors remain divided on the outlook for the sector. Mark Konyn from RCM Asia Pacific is cautious, but Christian Blaabjerg from Saxo Bank expects the sector to do well.