TiVos Miss "One Shining Moment"


There are a lot of East Coast college basketball fans who woke up this morning, angry that they didn't record enough to catch the famed conclusion of the NCAA men's basketball championship.

I'm of course talking about "One Shining Moment." In order to catch the end of the CBS broadcast, you would have had to record the David Letterman Show, which on the electronic guide comes after the game and the 11 o'clock news.

According to my TiVo, Greg Gumbel introduced "One Shining Moment" one minute and five seconds after midnight ET. After North Carolina jumped to huge leads that Michigan State couldn't chip away at, many people undoubtedly went to sleep and relied on their DVR.

Luckily, for those who might have miscalculated in their recording, technology has your answer. Unauthorized videos of the song and video, which I won't link here, are all over YouTube.

For those who are thinking about whether to watch it or not, I'll say that you won't be missing much if you decide not to. With very few amazing shots in this year's tournament, "One Shining Moment" didn't have the usual buzz.

And CBS didn't do much to make it any better. Apparently the editors didn't think it was worth it for viewers to hear sound with the best shot in the tournament -- Scottie Reynolds' last second drive to the hoop. They also couldn't find a player blinking an eye for the line "in the blinking of an eye." Instead, they had a player who got hit in the eye and was rubbing it.

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