Segway And GM's 2 Seat Treat

GM/Segway two-wheeled experimental vehicle.
GM/Segway two-wheeled experimental vehicle.

The first time you see the new PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) 2 seat ride, you think to yourself, "well, that's pretty cool."

Then you ask yourself, "Will we ever really see this thing zipping around on streets?"



GM and Segway are showing the 2 seat vehicle today as part of the kick off for the New York Auto Show.

The PUMA has a top speed of 35 mph, is battery powered, has a range of 35 miles and is small enough that you can manuever it in tight areas through traffic.

The possibilities are incredible.


So far, however, GM and Segway have not put a price on the PUMA and it's unclear if the two seater will even be manufactured.

It is a prototype turning heads, and for good reason.

It's unlike any other powered vehicle we've seen on the street.

Segway and GM are both touting this as a way to ease congestion in urban areas.

I'm not sure I'd go that far just yet.

To ease congestion in urban areas, many of the cars and trucks being driven have to come off the road.

The PUMA is not going to replace a large number of vehicles.

That's not a knock on the 2 seater, it is simply reality.


In New York or Chicago, the PUMA would be a novelty, not a frequent sight.

I see the PUMA prowling in gated communities, rural areas or retirement villages where electric vehicles with limited speed are seen on streets.

Still, it is a neat little ride.

Check Out This Video Of The PUMA

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