Five-Star Manager's Stock Strategy

At the five-star ICON Energy Fund, Derek Rollingson keeps in close touch with the news. It's part of his strategy for picking stocks that has helped the fund earn nearly 10 percent over the last five years.

"At ICON, or focus really is on pricing the news into the stock," he told CNBC. "You can talk a lot about the trends; we feel that our advantage is taking that information and asking the question, 'Is it valued appropriately in the marketplace or not?'"


One of the stocks that question has pointed him to is Gulfmark Offshore.

"Gulfmark is one of those in the equipment space that we find attractive," he explained. "There's a lot of value there, and it's showing some strength."

He's careful about where to tread in the energy space.

"For example, if you take a look at oil refining and marketing, there usn't a whole lot of value there," he said.

He's much more sanguine about the drillers, like Atwood Oceanics.

Outside of oil, coal producer Peabody Energy is on his list.

"Energy has gone on a pretty big tear since the December 22 low, and all the alternative energies have participated well," he said. "Coal got decimated at the end of last year, and there's tremendous opportunity and value there."


Disclosure information for Derek Rollingson was not immediately available.