Beaten-Down Stock Picks: Oil Drillers, Health Insurers

Brent Wilsey is one of countless market-watchers who expect the earnings season to be a rough one, but the president of Wilsey Asset Management is not one to overlook the price tags on the stocks of the companies involved.

"Stocks are beaten down way more than they should be," he told CNBC. "This is a great opportunity to be buying these companies at these prices."

Wilsey believes in looking not at where a company's stock price is going to be tomorrow, but at where it's likely to be in the next quarter, or six months from now.


"I like the oil and gas drillers, such as Transocean, Rowan Companies, Quicksilver Gas Services," he said.

"Health-care plans have been up quite a bit, like Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealth (Group)."


Disclosure information for Brent Wilsey was not immediately available.