Where to Put Your Money Now

The wild ride on Wall Street continues. Less than a month ago, the Dow had dropped to 6500 and then rocketed back again to the 8000 level – clocking its biggest four-week jump since 1933 – before dipping lower.

The craziness begs the question: where in the world should you put your money? Two of our money advisors answer below.

Invest in high-yield bond funds that have yields in the 15 percent range or higher. We own these for our clients. –Joe Duran, CFA, United Capital Financial Partners CEO and Co-Founding Partner

I still like municipal bonds and high-quality corporates on the fixed income side. Yields relative to treasuries are outstanding. In February on OTM I mentioned I liked equities at those prices, but the market has run since then. I would be a bit more cautious there now. It's just not worth the extra risk unless your goals are really long-term. Then, just dollar cost average it in. Do not stop adding to your 401(k)s! –Doug Flynn, CFP, Flynn Zito Capital Management Founder