Off The Charts: Research In Motion

On the 999th edition of Mad Money, Cramer is highlighting a stock that he’s been recommending since the show’s early days in March 2005: Research In Motion . At the time, it was at a split adjusted $22.10, reflecting a 171 percent gain since the launch of the show, which makes it sound more like a long-term investment.

Cramer’s going off the charts, cutting through the Wall Street lingo and is offering some perspective on RIMM. Even if you think that technical analysis is totally bogus, Cramer says you still have to respect the charts, because in this market most big players follow them, and since they have the power to really move stocks, you should be paying close attention.

So, what can the technicals tell us about RIMM? Check out the videofor Cramer’s full analysis of RIMM’s technical landscape.

The bottom line: Rick Bensignor, Chief market strategist at Execution Limited, and a colleague of Cramer’s at, likes Research in Motion based on the technicals. Cramer has also liked RIMM on its fundamentals since the very first edition of the show, and maintains that opinion today, as he sees the stock going higher.

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